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    Hello Everyone –

    I just bought a used 2004 SE Quest fully loaded. I love the car so far, but have a couple minor problems with it that I hope you all can help me with.

    First, the rear sonar is on off and doesn’t work. By reading the comments on this forum, I think I have to replace the sonar’s alarm. From what I understand

    a) it is located under the gauges/meters for the RPM and MPH right? If this is correct, can someone help me with instructions on how to safely open the dash to where it is located so I can replace it, as well as how to connect the wires from a cheap Radio Shack purchased sensor that I intend to purchase?

    My Second question revolves around the after market PYLE DVD system in the car which is under the passenger seat. The car has two flip down DVD screens. I popped in a DVD and the video works fine, but I can’t get any audio whether it be from the car’s audio system, or from the DVD screens itself which seem to have an audio speaker on each of them. I checked the settings and volumes are up and its not on mute.

    So please excuse my ignorance but I can’t seem to get the audio to play when I play DVD’s in the system. How do I hear the audio? From what I was told by a car parts retail shop dealer, all I have to do is purchase wireless headphones, and the headphones will pick up the audio automatically? Is this correct?

    a) Is it possible to hear it on my main car’s audio system? If so how?
    b) Is it only available to be heard via wireless headphones? If so, how does that process work? What do I need to buy, (just the headphones or the receiver/adapter for the headphones)
    c) Does it have to be one channel or two?
    d) If I need a receiver/adapter for it, where does that connect to?
    e) I read someones comments with another 04 SE owner that the dealer they purchased the car from had set up his after market DVD system to work on his car’s main audio system through a preset radio channel. Is this possible to do on my car? If so how?

    Believe me, I know I am asking a lot of questions, but I have searched online for well over two weeks to get simple answers to my questions, and I haven’t found it, so this forum is one of my last hopes.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Bader0993 from NYC

    PS I can also be contacted directly via email at



    1) here are directions for removing the center stack. I believe the speaker for the sonar system is located in this area.

    2) a) yes. It’s possible that the DVD is set to play on a radio station that is in use in your area, esp. since you bought it used. You have to set the radio station. Most likely using the video screen remote control.
    b) you can listen tot he DVD using wireless headphones. You can buy them at Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc. The headphones should have directions on how to connect to your DVD.
    e) see above.

    Also don’t put your e-mail address in an open forum. it invites spammers.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Also try this website for directions:


    first of all the guy above posted the wrong thing. The sonar system beep beep beep speaker is located under the speedometer aka cluster where it shows the MPH and RPM not where the radio controls are. I’d like to make a guide for you but I don’t feel like ripping my dash apart to take pictures cause words won’t help you. It’s kind of time consuming. Second don’t use a radio shack speaker because you will have to splice wires to make it work and thats stupid when the connector is plug n play. I did it myself but i recommend that you go to the dealer and let them do it for you cause you can easily screw something up if your not famaliar with taking interiors apart. Luckily I had the service manual which helped me a little.



    here’s a thread discussing the sonar speaker location and it has a diagram:

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