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    I know there are some of you out there (like me) that might be looking for an aftermarket intake for the Quest but don’t want to drop a couple of hundred dollars on one. After several weeks of researching I decided to try my luck with the ebay maxima intake and walla! Its all good. $82 bucks shipped. It is suppose to be a CAI but I just made it a WAI or short ram. Picks up better and if driven normal you cant tell the difference in noise. If you stomp on it (WOT) you will here the beast of an engine scream.

    I also had to purchase an intake mounting bracket universal kit from spectre part no. 8701
    (From Kragen)

    Copy and paste into browser.

    2005 Nissan Quest



    what year maxima intake? was it hard to put in?



    The intake came from eBay and it was for the same year as my van. 2005. At first I only added the adapter plate and cheap intake, then I decided to go full intake. This guy made an injen intake work:

    Difficulty was about 7 out of 10. That’s because of the extra parts I had to modify in order for the intake to stay in place. The fitment was good no issues there.



    It was somewhat cumbersome. The year maxima was the same as my quest which is 2005. There is some modification involved. If you think you can’t do it just get a K&N drop in and be done with.

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