Air conditioning smells funky

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    when we run the A/C it stinks, I’m going to replace (if there is one) the cabin filter first and make sure the Evaporator is draining.

    Any other suggestions
    2006 Quest



    When I purchased my Quest it had that piss smell every time I started the AC and would slowly go away when it cooled but always had that faint piss smell. Decide to take a look at the cabin filter….that thing was filthy when I pulled it out!!!, apparently the original owner never replaced it, the van had 31,000 miles. I ordered the wix brand replaced it myself and about a week later the smell dissappeared. Change it!



    For the people who dont know, you are supposed to change your filters every year. Yes there are 2. Changing them is pretty easy, but not very much room to work. They are located on the passenger side, on the left by your feet. You remove the kick panel above your feet and the glove box. The glove box had a few screws and you unplug the light, then there are 2 small screws that hold the filter cover on. The filters have small ears that you help to yank them out. I made a piece of card board about the size of the filter, but a little longer to help guide the new filters in. They get hung up slightly while trying to insert them. New filters cost $10 each. Dealers charge around $120 to do this.



    Cool, didn’t know this, thanks for the info…



    The process of air conditioning installation involves the selection of right equipment and hiring an expert contractor so that your system starts performing as per your expectations.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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