Alarm problems with Nissan Quest 2000

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    Maureen Moore

    I recently purchased a 2000 Nissan Quest and after it rained one day, the alarm system sounded and I can not get it to turn off! We ended up removing a fuse under the hood, but this fuse controls the power windows and locks. We tried removing the horn fuse (also under the hood) but after doing that, the car would not start. We were told that we need to have the remote lock/unlock device in order to turn off the alarm…Is that true? Is there a way to turn off the alarm without the remote?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.



    I had this happen on my 2000 Quest and the only way I was able to reset the Alarm was to unlock the car from the rear hatch. Both the drivers and passenger side would not reset the alarm. Have not had trouble since.



    i lost my remote device and when i open the door la alarm system sounded the only way to turn it off was unlocking the back door, i did not know how to do it if it was not because i read this info in this forum…. thanks!!!!!


    chris dizon

    2002 nissan quest- Security system responds when I activate it and deactivate it but when It’s suppose to work the horn doesnt go off and I can turn on the vehicle. How do I make work properly?

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