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    We have an 06 with 70K mi…OEM tires were comped after 20K for vibration issues…tried the Yokos…I agree they are Yo-so-so…not great but better then the goodyears. Except the inside sidewalls are all cracked now…so the tire dealer is recommending kellys …Any opinions. I can get the 4 kellys mounted out the door for $450.00




    The best tires I put on my 2004 Quest was Michelin Primacy. My first set lasted over 50k miles which is great for this van!!!! I just put a 2nd set on a couple of months ago. Caught a sale at Sam’s Club but still pricey. We got 40k out of the OEM goodyears but they were horrible. 22k from hankook. Nice price but you get what you pay for.

    There’s no harm in trying these tires especially for the price. I personally am not fond of the treads I saw in the pictures but for $450 out the door, go for it! Kelly is a decent name. I just wouldn’t expect long life out of these tires. for example, in my Camry, 60k miles on a set of tires is easy.

    Good luck.

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