Are Cryo-stop rotors a solution to warpage or waste of money?

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    Vibration at braking felt thru steering wheel tells me the rotors are badly warped despite my relaxed driving style.
    That in turn tells me that the OEM rotors installed less than 20,000 miles ago were crap.
    Does it make sense to spend extra $10 on Cryo-stops at or save $10 and go with regulars?

    And a question: when your rotors were warped, was it front only, rear only or all 4 corners?



    I have a 2004 Quest SE and have replaced the front rotors 3 times – rear rotors once. I figured out the last time I replaced the fronts that there are issues with the front wheel bearings on these vehicles. I replaced the drivers side front wheel bearing and have not experienced the vibration I had been fighting with since – and that was 15,000 miles ago.

    I bought drilled and slotted rotors – yes for a minivan – since the brakes are also notoriously undersized in order to keep the brakes cooler and reduce the chance for more warping due to the heat.

    Good luck! Hope that advice helps.



    I replaced the rear rotors on my 2007 at 75000 with EBC slotted and dimpled rotors (Summit Racing)[the guy at the parts desk said ‘nice rotors, what are they for?’ I felt a little funny saying a minivan.] and Wagner Thermoquiet pads. This was the second pad change. To reduce the vib due to warpage of these undersized rotors–same a Murano and Maxima–according to the part #. I’ve been very happy at 102,000 now it is still as smooth as silk. I also noticed that the I could feel the rear brakes working to slow the van under certain stopping conditions which I had never felt before. It was about 400 bucks by the time I replaced a wheel bearing and bought the pads and rotors. But $ well spent as I’ll keep this baby beyond 200,000mi.



    I too have been through many rotors, and yes I have drilled one’s too. I was not aware of bearing issues. I have a 2004. What kind of symptons did you have?

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