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    I’m kind of new here, and i don’t know if someone posted this before. but my Backup Sensor on my 2004 Quest doesn’t work. any ideas?



    I had the same problem. It’s the backup sensor speaker that makes the beep beep beep noise. I changed it myself but you should just let the dealer change it cause it’s too complicated to get into detail about it.



    i had the same issue when i first bought my van and the speaker needed to be replaced






    I own a 04 Quest SL and when I start the car I get a squelch from the back up sensors and when activated the sensors sound like the speaker may be bad. Will go to dealer to fix; any idea how much this fix might be?


    It’s the speaker for the sonar system. Mine went bad so I had to go to the dealer and pay $50 for the speaker itself. Then I went back home and changed it myself. I had to disassemble the top part of the dash cause the speaker is located way under the dash. An easy job but can be a pain in the ass to people not familiar with taking a vehicle interior apart.



    I had the exact same issue for our ’05 Quest. Backup sensor just stopped
    working one day. After a brief search on the internet, I found the
    diagnostics test which proved to be useless because I still got no beeping
    for the codes.

    Simple solution—Replace the speaker. It’s wicked easy even for a novice.

    Tools needed– 1 Flat head Screwdriver and 1 Philips Screwdriver

    Step 1–Take your flat head screwdriver and carefully pry open the back of
    the gauge cluster in the middle of your dashboard.

    Step 2– With the Philips Screwdriver, Unscrew the 4 screws holding the
    entire speedometer unit, unplug the 3 wire clips and place the
    unit somewhere safe.

    Step 3– Unscrew the 4 screws holding the black bracket in place. Look at
    the bottom of the bracket.

    Voila!! There’s your speaker. Open the speaker housing and pull the speaker
    from the clip. Put the new speaker in and put everything back together.

    As I said, this is an extremely simple fix. Technically you could replace
    the speaker with just about any small speaker, but I wouldn’t suggest it.
    The safest thing to do would just be to purchase the proper replacement
    speaker from a Nissan parts center then go home and replace it yourself.
    You’ll save at least $50 to $100 by doing it yourself.



    O.k. on the 07 Nissan quest the sensor is in an easy Place to get to it.
    1. in the CENTER of your dash
    2. the Pod that tells you the radio station, time and other things
    3. pull up on that and it will pop out. It is a little hard
    4. you will see a speaker and that will be the one




    From the Service Manual for a 2004:

    Self-diagnosis Function
    There are four modes of self-diagnosis; entering diagnostics, requesting number of fault codes, requesting fault codes, and idling or clearing fault codes. These steps must be followed in order. Self-diagnosis can be manually exited by turning the ignition OFF, or selecting reverse gear. Self-diagnosis will automatically exit if a message is repeated five times without acknowledgement, before reporting number of faults if no switch activity is detected for thirty seconds or in idle mode if no switch activity is detected for thirty seconds.

    1. Turn ignition switch ON. Rear sonar system OFF switch indicator lamp comes on for three seconds and then goes out.
    2. Immediately push rear sonar system OFF switch ten times within five seconds.
    3. The the sonar buzzer sounds once and the rear sonar system OFF indicator flashes once.

    1. While in diagnostic mode, push rear sonar system OFF switch once.
    2. The sonar buzzer will sound once.
    3. Rear sonar system OFF indicator will flash once and sonar buzzer will sound once for each fault code detected.
    4. There will be a four second pause.
    5. The number of fault codes will repeat then pause five times.
    NOTE: Self-diagnosis will exit unless requesting fault codes occurs before five repeats ends.

    1. While in requesting number of fault codes mode, push rear sonar system OFF switch once.
    2. The sonar buzzer will sound once.
    3. Rear sonar system OFF Indicator will flash and sonar buzzer will sound the first digit of the fault code followed by a one second pause.
    4. Rear sonar system OFF Indicator will flash and sonar buzzer will sound the second digit of the fault code followed by a four second pause.
    5. The fault codes will repeat then pause five times.
    NOTE:Requesting fault codes will exit unless the fault code is acknowledged before five repeats ends. The fault code is acknowledged by pushing the rear sonar system OFF switch once (the sonar buzzer may sound). When all fault codes have been indicated, idle mode will be entered. See the following table for fault code identification.

    Fault Code Malfunction Page Reference
    1 1 Rear sonar sensor LH outer
    1 2 Rear sonar sensor LH inner
    1 3 Rear sonar sensor RH inner
    1 4 Rear sonar sensor RH outer
    Check harness for open or short. If NG repair or replace harness. If OK replace sensor.

    2 1 Sonar buzzer
    2 2 Rear sonar system OFF indicator
    2 3 Rear sonar system OFF switch
    2 4 Sonar control unit. Replace sonar control unit.



    Backup sensors can be lifesavers! It would be fun to add a fun sound that your sensor makes as you back up, maybe a tune from a movie?



    Greetings all,

    I have a 2006 Quest and the backup alarm went out on it a while back and I had not attempted to find out how to fix it until recently. I ran across a thread at and got the idea that maybe it was just the buzzer/speaker that was my problem as well. So I went on Ebay and looked at my options and found the units for around $50 but then I noticed that someone was selling just the plain speaker without the plastic mounting case for $36 shipped. They showed the front of the unit but not the back (where you would be able to see the maker and model number). I figured that this little speaker could not possibly cost $36, so I googled the image and found a picture that corresponded to the back of the speaker which had the maker and model number on it.

    The speaker is made by BeStar Tech and its model number is BMS3650L-P2-HT LF. I contacted Bestar’s US representative in Arizona via e-mail and inquired about this part and was quoted a price of $10 for the speaker and $6 for shipping and handling, so I ordered one. It arrived in a padded envelope yesterday and while I expected it to just be the raw speaker like in the $36 Ebay auction, what I got was the whole unit, including the plastic housing that is identical to the one in my van. Last night, I popped the instrument cover on my Quest, unfastened the gauge cluster, installed the new speaker in place of the old one under the cluster, and now my backup alarm system is working.

    So, if you don’t want to go the Radioshack route and solder an aftermarket speaker in place of the factory one but you also don’t want to spend $50 at the dealership, here is the person to contact:

    Mayra Munoz, Marketing Assistant
    999 E. Fry Blvd., Unit 304
    Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
    Tel: 520-439-9204
    Fax: 520-439-9214
    Cell: 520-982-6084

    And order part number: BMS3650L-P2-HT LF

    Now, if only replacing the spark plugs was this easy…



    Does Anyone know where the control unit is located on 07 model, and how to get to it (pictures will help).

    * I want to test out an idea I have: what would happen if I simply unplug the harness of the bad sensor from the control unit.

    But need help getting to the control unit.

    Thank You

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