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    I have a 2005 Quest with a backup warning system. The button on the dash continually says “OFF” How do I turn it on? The owners manual says that it should be on everytime you start the car.



    If the system doesn’t come back on when you restart the vehicle, it’s most likely a sign of a defective switch. Mine was doing just like you described and needed a visit to the dealer to repair.

    07 Quest SL



    I have an ’04 Quest with the same problem. I bought it two weeks ago, with only 35k miles on it, but the rear sonar button shows “off” all the time. Can I change the switch out myself? (I’m out of warranty…because of time.)



    My wife’s 05 Quest SE had the same problem. We bought ours new, so the system worked fine until about 6 months ago. All of a sudden, the “beeping” stopped. I noticed that the switch indicated “off”. Apprarently, any failure within the sonar system will result in the switch indicating off. I looked up on the internet and many customers indicated that the speaker was bad. I bought the speaker and attempted to install myself. The crappy $5 speaker (that Nissan charges $80 for) is crammed up under the dash and I was uable to reach it. I had to pay the dealer to replace it. After that, sonar worked as before.



    Anyone know the part name or numbers to replace? We just started getting the light (no beeping).




    had same problem and it came out tht the buzzer speaker was bad and to replace it is too easy it is lacated in the dash just under the center sceen just remove the cover by pulling it out it has like 8 clips try screw driver from the back and pull it up, then un plug the cables, unscew the screws it is hidden under the black cover…. the dealer sales it at 60$ replace it and the light will turns off



    Does anyone have a diagram of how to open up the dash to replace the sonar buzzer? I know where it is located on the top of the dash, but I’m looking for something like a repair manual to show the best way to undo that area of the dash to replace it. Something with images would rock!

    The dealership wants $425 to replace a $70 part and I’m pretty confident that I can do it myself.



    My 2004 Nissan quest backup warning system stopped working as well. The speaker started sounding funny when backing up for a couple of weeks and then the system stopped working. The button on the dash kept reading off and you could not turn the system on. At the recommendation of my fellow quest owners, I went to the dealer and bought a speaker for about $54 bucks. As stated herein the speaker was located and attached to the bottom of the instrument cluster. To get at the speaker, you must remove the housing around the instrument cluster. The housing around the instrument cluster lifts upwardly. There are clips all around it. Be careful and work your way around it to free all the clips. The front two clips may get hung up on the vinyl dash surface but the will come out. Once you get the housing off there are two screws above the instrument cluster (closest screws to the windshield) and two screws below (furthest from the windshield) that you need to remove with a phillips screw driver. Once the four screws are removed the speaker is on the bottom. Simply remove the old speaker and install the new. The wiring connector has a slot that you need to push the tab downwardly to remove the connector. I finished the job in twenty minutes or less. REPLACING THE SPEAKER FIXED THE PROBLEM! If you live near Munster Indiana send me an email and I will give you a hand. My cell is 2192016273. Thank you guys for saving me a lot of money!!!!!!!!!! Mark



    Here’s is a link to directions to remove radio in 2004-06 Quest. it involves removing the center console. hopefully this will help:



    The instructional comment listed is dead on! The only clarification I’d make is the cover to take off is around the screen, not the actual instrument controls (fan, temperature, radio, etc.). I made this mistake at first!
    Also, instead of the $60 for the speaker from Nissan, I used the speaker from one of my kid’s toys. He has a little tow truck that made the most annoying noises, so he “sacrificed” his toy for the family van. Granted, I had to do a little modification to the connector to make it work, but it did work! I’m so glad I found this forum, and will help with any issues I can.




    Ha Ha! I always put tape over the speaker holes on those toys. Never thought of taking them out and making something useful out of them. Good job by you!

    Mine is out now so I guess the speaker is the first place I’ll look. Thanks for posting.



    i have anissan quest 2004 3.5 SL I WANT TO CHANGE THE SONAR BUZZER ANY INFO PLS.


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