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    I’ve read lots of reviews about the Quest and how they don’t even compare to the Sienna and Odyssey. The interior quality is poor, reliability isn’t as good, etc. Before buying, my wife and I done lots of online research for all three. We test drove each one a few times (at different dealers so that we weren’t pressured), and each time, we both agreed the Quest was a better vehicle. We loved the performace and handling, the looks, and I liked the fact that it had the VQ. So, we bought the Quest SE at $100 under invoice. Going on 8 months and no problems. I heard a rattle in the side door, turned out that one of my kids had a marble rolling around in it.
    Since I’ve gotten mine, my wife’s friend has purchased one (no problems yet), and I’m seeing more on the road. You’re going to have some lemons, but there are sure alot of negative reviews about the Quest. Does anyone feel that all these negative reviews about the Quest are real, or just being written to discredit it, being that it is probably taking away potential Sienna/Odyssey buyers? Theory?



    I think most were put off by the center gauge cluster and unique styling of the Quest. Note that the Saturn Ion was initially bombarded in car magazines for its placement of gauges “other than where God intended them.” I must admit that I didn’t like it at first–but my wife insisted that’s the one she wanted and it eventually grew on me. We looked at a Toyota, a Dodge/Chrysler, and even a Kia, but never seriously considered a Honda because of the attitude we received at the local dealership. Apparently the Sienna and Odyssey appeal to more of the mainstream auto enthusiasts/journalists. I’ve read some of the reports and they bring up some valid complaints, but overall we’re happy with ours. We’ll still shop around when this one dies, though.



    Your experiences are similar to my own. Due to negative press, we were able to get a superior van at a bargin price. The automotive press doesn’t give minivans the time of day. The limited reviews shower praise on the status quo and very conservatively styled machines. That’s not to say anything bad about the Sienna and Odysessy, but they are not as perfect as their dealers who mark them UP would have you believe. Alot of it is hyperbole.

    That said, 2004 was a pretty bad year. It’s going to take awhile for the stigma of all those recalls to wane away. In the meantime, those open minded enough to judge the Quest for themselves will have an opportunity to get a great deal.



    I’ve been a longtime Nissan fan, but right now I’m still undecided – I really like the 2007 changes, but it seems like the Quest is still a generation behind. I’m sure the quality issues have been fixed by now, but it still has no roll-down second row windows, no split-fold third row, no standard front side door airbags or stability control. I don’t get it – the Armada has stability control and Nissan added split third row seats last year with little fanfare. Optional three seats in the middle row would be nice too.

    I like Nissan performance and style, but safety and versatility is the name of the game in this class. That’s why its competitors sell 150,000 units a year.



    I think it is just normal, MPVs get some not so good reviews due to size and some other things as well, but their owners mostly love them.

    There was some Mazda hater while ago or don’t know if it was a group, there was bunch of bogus bad user reviews on Here is the thread from MPVClub

    If you want to see how bogus reviews look for comparson, check the 2003 Miata here

    I did not finish cleaning up the bogus junk for that one as I did try to acomplish for the other models as described in that thred from MPVClub.



    I’m now on my 2nd Quest. Bought an ’04 SL back in ’03, one of the first off the line. Had EVERY problem in the book, then some. I’ve finally switched to an ’06 SE due primarily to the hefty promotions available from Nissan that brought the price of the SE in below what I paid for the SL.

    Anyway, does anybody else experience problems or discomfort from the length of the seat bottoms, i.e., where the edge of the seat bottom hits the underside of the thigh? This kills me on long trips.

    Now, perhaps I’ve been spoiled by seats that amazingly comfortable in my previous and other vehicles such as the seats in my Volvo or my Saab or other European cars. When I comparison-shopped minivans back in ’03, the Odyssey’s driver’s seat was by far the most comfortable of all of them.

    The thing is, Nissan can make a comfy seat. While shopping for the ’06 I sat in the driver’s seat of a 350Z (yum) and an Armada (too ridiculously big, but a VERY supportive seat). When I bought the SE I joked that I’d buy it today if they could get an Armada driver’s seat fitted for the same price 🙂

    Any other experiences?

    BTW, the ’06 SE is way better than the ’04 SL.



    Car owners have very varied criteria by which they judge their cars. We did lots of research, saw the negative reviews of the Quest, and decided to try it last when we went to try a selection of current minivans:

    Chrysler/Plymouth: OK, but hard to get the big engine and the fold-away seating in a cost effective package.

    Odyssey: nice, but every one we had seen had problems, e.g. electric doors malfunctioning, etc.

    Toyota: this was the most surprising…we expected to go into the lot and buy one, but the test drive was a very disappointing experience! It felt heavy, underpowered, and the suspension was floppy and oversoft. The one we tried smelled as if someone was frying eggs on the engine.

    The Nissan felt like it was saying “Take me home and drive me!” Tight (for a minivan, anyway) suspension, fine engine, comfortable seating, fold-flat seating in back, and we actually liked the instrument pod.

    Most people really dislike anything new and/or different, and emotions play a big part in determining the cars they buy. The Quest is just a little different, many folks don’t appreciate the handling or the engine; like I said, they probably have different criteria, many of them having to do with familiarity. But I think you made a good choice (or at least the same one we did 🙂 )

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