Battery and Brake Lights Alarming Me

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    I have a great Quest, been across the country several times, well maintained. Having an interesting problem with the Battery lights and Brake lights on the dash- when I turn on the car after letting it sit overnight these lights remain on for an extended period, generally turning off on their own after ten minutes or so of driving. Anyone know what’s causing this? Sounds like it’s running fine. I suspect it might be the alternator but I assume it would have crapped out by now already. Or perhaps these lights just indicate that there is a communication problem somewhere down the line? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks



    My 04 quest, start doing that,then 2 days later The battery was dead, then i checked the alternator and it was not charging ,…..o replaced and problem solved……, you should start first by cheking The alternator …….



    Same thing here but mine was more immediately: lights came on and within an hour or two, the battery died and had to tow to mechanic to replace the alternator and battery.

    I would have a mechanic check your alternator ASAP.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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