Bleeding brakes

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    I was replacing brake pads and rotors on my 04 quest, notice that the two front calipers where sized and 1 bolt broke off. So i bought new calipers from local parts store.
    Now i have installed all pads and rotors with two new calipers. My brake is really spongy, actually i can push the brake pedel to the floor. I have bleed the system many times.
    Yesturday i replace the mc and its still the same problem.
    What could it be, maybe air in the Abs Unit.
    Any help would be great



    Make sure you have the calipers on the proper side of the vehicle. They will install on both the drivers or passengers side, the way to tell is that the bleed valve should be at the top of the caliper instead of the bottom. I had this happen to me because the auto parts store miss labelled drivers and passengers side. Hope this helps.



    I drove the quest to a close auto shop, late at nite.
    He told me the driver side caliper was seized, when he removed the rim, the caliper released the tension. He checked the caliper and said it had too much grease in the slider bolts. Not sure what to think of that, grease shouldnt seize brake caliper.
    He also bleed the system for 2hrs and got no brake pressure. He used a obd 2 reader to open the abs valve and bleed the system. No luck, No pressure.
    He told me to take it to nissan dealer. Im not planning to give up yet.
    Tomorrow i ordered another driver side caliper. The quest is at the shop now
    I hope the calipers are on the wrong sides, will check tonite.



    thanks tacticaldriver
    my problem was the calipers were installed upside down
    the air could not be bleed, with the bleeder on the bottom side
    such a simple fix, who would figure calipers could be interchangeable
    once agian tacticaldriver, THANK YOU SOO MUCH AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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