Brake bulb replacement on an 06 Quest

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    I’m trying to replace a back right
    Brake light bulb and can’t figure out
    How to access the plasic casing.
    Can some one please help me?



    Open the rear hatch. On the light assembly, you will see two 10mm bolts. Remove the bolts. Then gently but firmly pull the entire light housing straight out. It will give a lot of resistance as there are two retaining clips holding the light assembly in place.

    Remember, pull straight out towards you. Do not twist to the side,or you can break those aforementioned retention clips. It should pop free, again be gentle because the wiring harness is is very short.

    Hope this was helpful.



    buy the bulb but I could not remove the light went to the agency to tell me how to remove it told me it was very difficult that I could break the clips and they charged me 40 + tax and What I saw your comment and thank you very much I could make myself a nice day that saved me money. atte. Angelica Blasquez El Paso Texas
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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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