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    I have recently purchased 2008 Quest SE. I have an issue with the brake pedal making an annoying clicking sound whenever I press it. It is most likely cruise cancellation switch. When I complained about it at the service, they claim that it is normal. Does anybody else have this noise? I have owned so many cars in the past and never heard this sound!



    Does this happen all the time? You mention “it is most likely cruise cancellation switch”. Do you have the cruise control activated when this happens?


    I have a clicking noise with my 2004 quest. It sounds like it is coming from beneath the dash on the pasanger side. It seems to happen when I’m braking and the rpm’s drop below 1500 or so. I still haven’t figured out where it is coming from. At about the same time I notice that my rear sonar stopped working.



    For the first year or so we owned our ’04 Quest, I noticed an odd clicking-type noise when applying the brakes. Neither my wife, nor the Nissan dealer could ever replicate it, but it was definitely there – not in my imagination. It wasn’t until I bought a new pair of sneakers that the problem went away! LOL The treads on my old sneakers had been catching on the brake pedal, causing the noise.

    Not saying you have the same problem, just wanted to share.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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