Brakes on 2000 Quest (90k miles)

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    My dad has a 2000 Quest (see attachment) w/ 90k miles on it. It runs great, but he is having a problem with his front passenger side brake system. I (myself) replaced the pads and rotors at 80k miles with Bosch and Brembos. I noticed that when you are in stop and go traffic for about 5-10 miles, the right side makes a grinding sound and vibrates the brake pedal. I am thinking that it might be the caliper, but I am not sure and was wondering what anyone thinks it might be. I have greased the caliper pins. The other day, I got onto a clear road near my house and opened it up (I know, its a minivan, believe me I know, I drive a 02 Maxima). I got up to about 80 then hit the brakes hard, but not hard enough to skid. Nothing happened. I did it three more times and still nothing went wrong. Later, I drove it to work (8 mile trip) and it started making the grinding sound as I pulled onto the lot. Does anyone know what is wrong with this car???? The problem is getting really annoying and I want to fix it for him before summer. Thanks alot.
    Also, the display died on the radio and comes back on every few months for about a week. Any ideas?



    recheck your brake job work…

    also check the drive axle/ball joints on the offending side

    radio display= solder points on the unit itself was weak from the factory and came apart…



    Did you apply brake grease to the pads? The pads might be chattering on the rotor.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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