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    Ever since I purchased this van, the power door on the passenger side has been moody. Sometimes it would not close all the way and then would open, and sometimes the power button didn’t work at all. After loading my son into his carseat one day, I pushed the button to close the door, and it only went halfway and then stopped. I could not get the door to close–even manually! It seemed to be stuck half-open. Since I was pretty much stranded in a parking lot 20 miles from home, in the rain, with a screaming baby, I did something I REALLY didn’t want to do-I cut the cable that pulls the door open (for some reason it was hanging where I could see it). I had no choice-at that point. I just figured that I would have to open and close the door manually from there on out.

    BUT, now the door is a huge pain in the butt to close! I, personally cannot close it if it gets opened–it takes either my husband or my father to do it for me. It needs to be slammed and pressure needs to be applied at the same time just below the window to make the power motor pick it up and close it entirely. This has become a huge burden, as my older children have forgotten my warning not to open it NUMEROUS times, and I have been in the unfortunate situation of driving home with a door that isn’t shut all the way.

    We have one Nissan dealership within a three-hour drive, and you can imagine that I don’t want to pay big bucks to take it there if there is a way I can fix this on my own. Any ideas? Thanks 🙂



    Same thing here, except that it suddenly fixed itself a few months back. Now I am waiting in horror that it may start acting up again any time.

    Welcome to Nissan world 🙁



    Two possible problems –

    Inspect the electrical connections where the door meets the pilar (toward the bottom of the door), you may have some issues there with the sensors.

    Inspect the door motor. You will need to remove the panel behind the door to access the mechanical/motor parts of the door. Once you have the panel removed you can inspect those pieces that may be causing your problem.

    Let us know what you find out.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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