Burning HOT rim….is it my Brakes? ABS??

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    I have a 93 Quest with ABS. I noticed driving about a mile or 2 the Rim gets extremely hot. Found out the hard way when i touched it burned my hand. All the other rims are cool to the touch. I did some internet searching and seems like this may be a common problem? The car takes off fine but after applying the brakes a couple of times the car starts feeling sluggish. I dont feel any pulling to the right or left. The wheel that heats up is the front right passenger side rim. The CV boot is ripped open completely both inner and outer on both passenger and driver side. I also get a clunking noise when I apply brakes or go over a bump. I am familiar with CV boot noises when they are bad on other cars but this sounds more like a strut or something broken. I think it may be the same problem of the brake/rim/heat issue…but not sure, could all be separate issues. I hear there is a valve on top of the ABS under hood that gets clogged and can cause brakes to lock up?? Just wondering any input of any kind would GREATLY be appreciated Thanks in advance 🙂


    Yes, common issue. Sometimes pressure is not being released fully from caliper or caliper is hanging up a little. ABS can’t cause this issue. Loosen hose at caliper with brake pedal released and see if fluid squirts out meaning pressure still there.




    to add: check the caliper itself first … you should crack it at the bleeder valve on the caliper instead… then you’ll have to purge the air in the system once you open the bleeder

    do this first: unbolt the caliper from the caliper cage & see if the sliding pins move… clean/lube them

    put a c-clamp on the piston & see if it retracts back into the caliper bore

    check the other side as well; if the caliper is seized up & you see alot of pad material, then maybe that other side is overcompensating for it



    i had the same problem, my 93 quest wouldnt go down even downhill in neutral, rims hot giving out smoke, it was the calipers that stuck and needed replacement.

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