Can't find fan resistor.

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    We have a 2007 Quest but the front blower isn’t working. (The rear works fine.)

    After reading a few forums, it seems like I might have to replace the fan resistor. I’ve removed the glove box and panel, but haven’t been able to locate the resistor. There is a grouping of wires/connections in the corner, near the firewall.

    From what I’ve found on-line, I think I’m looking for this:

    It’s supposed to be easy to find and only held in place by two screws. I’ve read that replacing it should a 15-minute job from start to finish.

    Am I looking right at it and don’t know it?? Any specifics regarding location and exactly what to look for would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.



    I have a 2000 Nissan Quest and have changed the blower motor resisitor once and getting ready to change it again. If you purchase it from an auto parts store that offers Lifetime Warranty I recommend spending the extra dollars and getting it.
    The resisitor is located under the dash on the passengers side. I have an older model Quest so it might be different on the newer models. There is a plug that is visible without having to remove anything. There are 2 small screws holding the Resistor in place. Remove the screws and slide down resistor. Unplug and plug in new one and screw back in. Very easy.
    If anyone has had the problem of having to change multiple resistors and found out what is shorting them out please let me know.



    My front blower stopped working about a month ago. I took it to the dealer and they cleaned it for $99. It turned out there was a bunch of acorns blocking the blower’s fan. It is all working now. Next time I will try to clean it myself before taking it to the dealer.



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    Hi, I have 2005 Quest, and Fan Blower is just working at full speed. After reading comments here, I have opened the glove box on the passenger side to see the resistor. Having difficulty to locate it there, wonder if anyone have better idea, how does it look like, dimensions etc. Also, where can I find a new resister, part # 27151-ZT00A.
    I went to dealer today, he charged me $100+tax just to tell that resister is not working, and is asking another $200 to replace it.



    Can anyone tell me very specifically where the resistor is located on a 2008 Quest? I got the part (the flat resistor) and spent the next few hours under the dashboard. I’ve got the cabin filter changed at least but I have no clue where this part goes!! Following the vague instructions from the internet of “follow the wires to the white connector” I managed to get the AC control module disconnected. There is a whole mess of wires & connectors in the top right corner under the dash. There is also a big silver box and I’m guessing it would plug into that box but I’d rather get some guidance before I take the WHOLE van apart. I’m really trying to avoid paying a shop $100+ when I’ve already done 3/4 of the work…..



    I have problems with my rear ac not working on my quest 2012 . The blower is not working. My fuse is burn I tried to replace it and it burns again anyone here had the same problem.

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