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    Hello, all. I have 04 Quest SL and reside in CA. Does anybody know if after-market cat conv available? I’ve been checking online parts stores and I found x2 stores sell this item. The only hitch is they cannot sell customers in CA, or they’ll lose store license. Some of them only sell gaskets w/o actual cat converters. Midas and Meineke’s don’t just sell cat converters to the public, do they? Has someone located aftermarket cats and can be used in CA? Please let me know. Rear one was replaced in October 08, and I think front one is going out since motor will not rev over 4,500 rpm. I also need to replace the cat converter located underneath the floor. What happened was when my mechanic replaced rear one in October 08, he found 60 to 70% of inside stuff was gone and stuck at the underneath floor cat. He tried to remove good portion of this inside stuff, however, he said not 100% was removed. He told me to chop off the underneath the floor cat and put new aftermarket OBD2 cat. He was not able to find aftermarket front and rear cats for 04 Quest at that time. I’m beginning to believe (probably already a firm believer of) the Consumer Report that they put black dot on reliability for 04 Quest. And, I feel that Nissan’s warranty is practically non-existent as far as cats are concerned. The way this vehicle was manufactured, I feel that no wonder Quest cannot compete w/ Sienna or Odyssey. Nissan made a right decision to fade out Quest.

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