CD STUCK will not eject REPAIR

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    Ken Krauss

    I pulled the single cd radio out today to fix it.

    This repair was simple. Taking the radio out was the hard task.

    Radio disassembly is easy, lift tabs and remove face plate, remove one screw and lift off top, remove cd felt and plastic guide, remove five screws and remove front plate, remove three screws and push out sides and lift deck for removal. Pull out ribbon cable.

    The cd deck has a clear housing on the bottom holding the eject gears. A screw tab on the back of the housing breaks. I removed the screw and super glued the tab back to the housing. I then used a longer screw and washer to hold the housing down instead of the tab holding down the housing.

    Works great!

    Two hours for repair and of that 20 mins. was the radio/cd repair.

    email me for pics of the fix. There is and old description on this site for taking the center console apart.



    Please send me pics of how to repair the CD Player. I have the player out; I just can’t tell what is broken.



    Ken Krauss

    The photo I have is very hard to see. At the rear of the cd deck, I think on the lower left, is a plastic gear case for the eject mechanism. The rear screw holds the gear case to the cd base board by holding down a little plastic tab. the housing breaks off the tab. This allows the housing to move up off the board and allows the gears to jump causing the clicking sound. I simply took a longer crew and washer and held down the housing at the top rather than using the tab.

    good Luck.



    can you send me the detals. I got the cd palyer out but could not see what is broken



    We have had a CD stuck for about 3 years now. Good to know my husband might be able to fix it after all this time. Thanks!



    I’m interested in the pics as well. Thanks!



    Hello! Could you please email the pics for the repair to the single cd player to Thanks!

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