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    Does anyone know how to get to the cd player of 2004 quest. It looks like my wife accidentally jammed 2 cd in one slot of the player. That is what i think what happened because every time we start the van the cd player try to spit out the cd.
    We try to play, eject, disc change, etc… nothing works. I’ve tried to get to the player itself so I can see what is going on but I’m having hard time opening the panel. I did not get far opening the panel and afraid of going even farther because I might break it. So, if anyone know how Please help. Is there any manual that tells step-by-step how to go about or troubleshoot any problem for 2004 quest? Thanks in advance.





    You can buy for around 8 dollars an eample to take out your radio….It take around 30 minutes because you have to take out all the front of the dash…I have the same problem and i have to bring the Cd at Nissan dealer….It coast 65 $ to send it to the company and 265 $ to replace it because it burn….For a big ammount of 330$ taxes not-included and you have to replace it yourself….. Good luck and make sur that the Cd will not burn because it will cost you a lot of money……

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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