Changing the Timing Chain Slack Guide: Which one to use?

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    I’ve been doing my research and preparing to change my timing chain slack guide on my 2004 quest. I have read different threads of people using an “improved style” or even a 350z style guide, rather than just using another OEM guide that will likely fail again eventually. However none of the web pages I’ve read mention an actual part number, so I am a little unsure which one to buy and am looking for some confirmation that they are compatible.

    Here is one 350z style guide that looks like an improvement over this stock quest guide.

    Or what about this 350z style guide & tensioner that looks even more solid…?

    Can anyone confirm which ones are compatible swaps? I don’t want to put another one of the original guides back on as I plan on driving this for another 100k and don’t want to have to make this repair again…


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