Cold startup rattle from engine

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    New to the forum so sorry if this is the millionth time this has come up. (How do you do a search on this forum?)

    There is a rattle/clicking from the engine compartment starting the van in the morning or after sitting for an hour.

    I’ve read it may be time for an oil change and use a quality oil filter with anti-drain valve. However, the noise doesn’t go away after a few seconds, but seems to last a few minutes until the car is driven and warmed up a bit. We can hear it while driving, but it doesn’t seem to change with speed. Could this still be oil pressure/starvation?

    I read changing the belts may eliminate clicking noises, but this sounds strange.

    Or is this an exhaust issue?

    The van runs great otherwise and we’d be very happy to get rid of this noise.

    80k miles, just bought it, but test drove it already warmed up (so didn’t hear noise).

    Thanks for your ideas.

    Hi, all.

    Looks like this is an oil related issue. I don’t think it’s been changed or checked in quite a while. The filler cap was actually stuck and I loosened it with an adjustable wrench. The oil level was around the low level on the dipstick. I eventually got the level to the high end after adding about 3/4 to 1 quart. This made a huge difference. The rattle/knocking is gone. I will plan on changing the oil tomorrow and putting in a new filter with anti-drain valve. The manual recommends 5W-30 which I will use. I’m going to use a Fram TG6607 for now since they’re easy to find, but order Purolators for future changes.



    Glad this worked out. And thanks for the update.

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