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    “Service engine soon” appeared on my dash board. I need to reset computer to remove it, plus sensors at the back are “off” after 3 seconds I begin to drive. I tried to disconnect from the battery, but I reseted only time. Somebody help me please to reset the computer, because my friend resets his “vibe” easy.



    Go to Pepboys, Autozone or any of those part stores, they should be able to tell you what codes are causing the SES light, then reset it.

    On my old Sentra, I had to let un plug the battery for over 12 hours to remove the light. This was before, I got a code reader. I bought a cheap code reader on Ebay. It works great. Pulls codes then reset light. See Link:



    Thanks, NYQuest! I’ll try to do so.



    Getting the codes read is great, but just “clearing them out” won’t fix the problem. If you don’t repair the problem as soon as the readiness monitors are reset the MIL light will be right back on.
    If you are not a DIYer I would suggest going to the dealer, plus if it’s emission related it is under warranty!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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