Concerns with exhaust manifold and head stud

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    I am a proud new owner of a 94 Quest. It drives nice, I had it checked out. Great van. There were some issues with it which I will fix, however I purchased it at a great price.

    I heard and found some posts on the internet of these having warping exhaust manifolds, then breaking head studs and it costing a lot to fix. My questions:
    1) Have you had this problem? Was it expensive?
    2) Can I do anything to alleviate this from happening?
    3) Is this a REALLY common problem? I haven’t found 1 post on here about it.
    4) Have you had a Y pipe issue? This was another thing I heard about them.



    The broken exhaust studs are common on this engine. Nissan used larger ones for the 3.3l to fix this problem. I too had the broken studs when i bought my Quest. Pretty easy fix, I removed both heads and took them to a machine shop to replace the studs that was 10 tears ago. This is a great time to get in there and go over every thing. I do a lot of looking on the net for info on our vans and i have never heard of warping manifolds or y pipe issues.
    Good luck!



    what are some of the symptoms of broken studs…shaking in idle?



    When you have broken studs you will hear an exhaust leak at the manifolds. Has nothing to do with idle quality.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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