Constant Engine Rattle…any ideas?? Timing chain?

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    I have an 05 SE v6 with 98K miles and have a long list of problems adding up. The newest complaint is an engine rattle. When I first noticed it about a month ago (right after I replaced both control arms), it wasn’t very loud and could only be heard when everything was turned off and the van was idling. As time has gone by, the rattle has gotten louder and I can hear it all the time…especially when I accelerate. Any ideas? Not sure if it’s the timing chain (I hope not) because I can hear it all the time.

    Here is my list of other issues:
    Fuel display – goes in and out…out right now after having a lot of rain.
    Rear sensor – hasn’t worked since about 60K
    Control arms – just had both replaced for $600
    Peeling paint on roof – looks lovely
    Rear fan – Runs on high when the air or heat is on and won’t turn down
    Slow oil leak – thought it was just from a bad oil change, but was changed again and is still leaking



    Sure it’s not the heatshield on the down pipe on your exhaust? Mine rattled terribly and it was that.



    This is an easy fix and usually the culprit of this type of rattle. They rust quicker in places where snow falls and salt is used in the winter as well as places near the shoreline, due to the salt content in the air. An honest mechanic could do 2 things. Clamp it or solder it. Cost: about $25 or pizza pies for the staff! Good luck.



    I would start by checking the heat shield. I HOPE that is the problem. The slow oil leak concerns me especially with this engine. There has been many reports of timing chain issues due to extended periods of low oil. This generation of V6 engines had issues with burning oil.

    The best thing you can do is try to isolate where the rattle is coming from. If it is the heat shield, the noise will come from under the vehicle rather than the engine bay.

    Good luck.



    Sounds like the timing chain guide is broken and has slipped, thus allowing the slack
    in the timing chain. Nissan is very much aware of this problem but has done nothing to help out the owners who’s warranty has expired. I highly recommend NOT supporting Nissan
    by not having the vehicle serviced by them.

    I also had an oil leak. For me the fix was simple. My leak was caused by a wrong size O-ring within the oil filter housing. This is also another wonderful Nissan Quest feature.
    Look it up on the internet.
    my .02

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