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    I was wondering how many Quest owners have performed the Coolant flush service and what mileage did you do it at. The Nissan dealer themselves recommend doing it at 30k miles but Nissan schedule maintenance recommends 60k miles for the first flush. What do you think is the appropriate service interval?

    Also can anyone confirm if there is a difference in a coolant flush vs coolant drain and fill? I think the drain and fill is just emptying the radiator and refilling it once, where the flush is drain and fill with water and run the vehicle and repeat several times until all the old fluids are flushed out, then refilling it with 50/50 water/antifreeze. Am I correct?

    Lastly, what’s a reasonable price for this kind of service?



    I’d be comfortable with the 60k recommendation…. with 30k being on the agressive side. But truthfully, it’s a closed system and coolant these days should last 60k no problem.

    I wouldn’t pay more than $99 for a complete flush from a dealer… but once you’ve done it yourself you’d feel like a dope paying anyone more than $20. 😎




    Thanks for the info. My 04 van is only at 33k right now so I just save the money for now. I have never done a coolant flush before (very familiar with doing brakes and oil changes tho). I need to try it one of these days 🙂



    I am at 160K miles with my 2004 Quest SL. Have never done a flush. Ever. Never had any problems, in fact, even though I heard and read many bad complaints after I bought it, the thing has been great. Not sure I would buy another Nissan however, but that is mostly due to their dealers and service. Never been to a Nissan dealer that I trusted. My wife drives the van – I have driven Honda or Toyota and dealers/service is far better. But the Nissan forums are better, I get more help there!

    Anyways, my heat now is not working at startup – works fine once I start driving however. I read somewhere that it may be that the coolant is low? Could that be the case?

    So, really just wondering if it’s time to do the flush – if it will help this no-heat issue then I will do it. I do not mind paying the $99 or whatever, as I have only sunk around $2000-$2500 into this vehicle since 2005 (bought it with 11K on it in Manchester, NH) – and the work has been the usual: 2 1/2 sets of tires (2 at a time); brakes twice; and front-end work (control arms, tie rods, bearings). Overall pretty good. Thanks Nissan.

    Thanks for any advice, much appreciated!



    Flush isnt really necessary unless the van has been neglected. A drain and fill every 30k is just as good. A flush should only be done at the dealer though or even a drain and fill, because they use long life, low silicate coolant. The low silicate is better for your water pump seals over the long term. The dealers sell premix for the brand new quests. The older quests 04 to 08 you have to mix 50% distilled or demineralized water with the coolant to refill. The premix is blue and the regular kind is green, if your not sure. I dont know if you can switch to premix if you have an older quest.

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