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    i have a customer with a 99 quest. it has a crank position sensor code and a knock sensor code. i know the knock sensor code doesnt necesarily mean the knock sensor is bad so im going after the crank sensor first.

    my questions are… can a crank sensor code cause a knock code?
    and where is the crank sensor located. on alldata it says its toward the back of the engine by the transmission bellhousing close to where the o2 sensor is on the exhaust manifold…. in taht general area… i dont see it!!!!!!! any help is appreciated. thank you



    I have a 99 Quest with the same problem…a friend replaced the entire distributor for us about a year ago and said maybe there was a problem with a sensor he saw while doing that, so my question is, does the distributor have something to do with those PO335 and PO325 codes? I am just hoping I don’t have to go in and actually replace the knock sensor, since that’s a huge and expensive job…but everyone seems to say that the KS code is coming up because of something else. Any direction here would be greatly appreciated!


    t bags

    check the wiring to the cas with a multimeter–99% of all nissan comes out of the factory with the k/s code



    I saw that it would take a day to replace the knock sensor, due to its location, so I cut the harness wires and put the new knock sensor on an unused bolt hole on the front of the engine. After finding the correct wires, I was done in less than an hour. Two butt splices, a bolt, and a couple wires. I bought the new connector with my part on line.
    Abandon the old knock sensor in place and you’re done. I have not had a knock sensor code since; it’s been 2 years.

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