Crunching/clunking noise when going over bumps

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    When I drive over bumps I can hear a chrunching/clunking noise when going over bumps from under the floor. I’ve replaced the struts, shocks, lower control arms, and sway links. I really don’t know what else to check.



    When going over bumps. It seems that you dumped tons of money into the problem already, whoa!
    From my past experience such noise would be indicative of worn strut bearings (not sure I am using right term – those round things which bolt into the towers and accept the strut piston and its nut.

    Do you have about 100k miles on your Quest? I would think that you should not expect noise like that from the bearings before 100k.



    $560 and about 1 hour will solve your prob. If you lay on the ground and place your head in the area behind the front tire and look aft, you will see a rubber grommet about 3 inches in diameter. All of that is one piece and realy no prob to replace AND NO FRONT END ALLIGNMENT REQUIRED.!


    What is that grommet called? Do you mean the CV boot?

    By the way I had all those suspension parts fixed not cause of the noise I was hearing, but it was cause they were broken. The dealer showed me the control arms and they had excessive play in them and they were torn, and my shocks and struts were leaking.



    But still this is horrible. There are old square GM vans on the road with 300+k on them and all those parts original.



    This happens to my 2000 Quest all the time, but only when it is cold outside. It sounds like the spring on the strut it making the noise from being exposed to the cold temperature. It does not make this noise in the warmer months. I have 109,000K and it still drives fine.



    What is this rubber grommet called? My van is doing the same thing everytime I hit a bump, the front suspension makes a “THUD” noise and the back doesn’t. I checked the shocks and they are dry so those looked fine.



    My first guess was a bad bushing in the lower control arm but you already replaced the control arm.

    You’ve already spent a ton of money on van. I would find a good independent mechanic and get a second opinion.


    Johnny Quest

    We had to take the 04 we just bought Saturday back to the dealership this Monday for the same clunking sound. Van is absolutely MINT and as an SE really loaded but I don’t want to get slammed with a huge bill with no warrenty (116,000 miles on it but looks brand new and I am very picky).

    Suggestions? Best place for an extended warranty?


    I’ve been trying to get this sound fix and it’s damn near impossible. First they told me it was the crowl rubbing up against the firewall. They fixed it and the sound came back. Took it back it and they then said it was the stabilizer bushings. Fixed that and it still came back. Had the entire suspension replaced and I’m still getting the fucking sound. I’m sick and tired of spending money to fix this problem. I just gave up and can’t keep trying to get something fixed if the dealer isn’t sure it’s the problem. Fuck it



    I m having the same damn noise dealer fixed it and the sound came back. They said it was the stabilizer bushings. Fixed that and it still came back. Goddamn it…
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    I have the same problem with my Nissan Quest 2005 3.5s. I have not done anything yet because of financial hardship.The mechanic check tne Lower Control Arm and it is already have cracked.Rigth now I’m still using my car. Please can anyone can suggest a good advice with this problem. Thanks…



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