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    I’ve just installed chrome 20″ Falken Atlantic City wheels and Falken 245/40-20 tire onto my ’04 Quest… Photos??
    Someone please show me how to post photos!!!



    You simply have to host your pictures somewhere…. then use the IMG tag to post it… using html.

    07 Quest SL
    Majestic Blue



    How do you keep your blue Quest from spotting after being washed. I have the hardest time.



    Washing the Quest has been a real challenge compared to smaller vehicles I’ve owned. However, I think I’ve finally got my techniques down. I work for Meguiar’s in Irvine, so I like to think using a top-quality car wash really helps… but here’s the run-down:

    1) Two 5-gallon PVC buckets
    2) Meguiar’s NXT Generation Car Wash
    3) Meguiar’s NXT Speed Detailer
    4) Two Microfiber Wash Mitts
    5) Two big blue Meguiar’s “Water Magnet” Drying Towels
    6) Several Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels

    1) Use the two-bucket method. Fill one bucket water with 4.5gal of water. Mix into it 4.5oz of the NXT Car Wash soap. Fill the other budget with clean tap water.
    2) Park the car in your driveway after (or before) the brightest part of the day. Rinse down the entire van with your spray gun from the hose. Using a dedicated wash mitt (for the paint), dip it into the soap, then wash a panel. Before loading up with more soap, use the clean water to rinse the mitt clean. This will keep your soap bucket really clean, and prevent you from swirling up the paint with the dirt you’re trying to wash off. Make your way around the van washing each panel.
    3) Rinse off the entire van with your hose gun.
    4) Use the other wash mitt to clean your wheels. You should only use this mitt to wash the wheels. Brake dust is bad stuff that will scratch your paint and dirty up your water. After a wash, you’ll know which mitt is for the wheels and which one is for the paint.
    5) Rinse off the wheels with your hose gun.
    6) Here’s the top-secret way to prevent spotting. Remove the gun from your hose, and rise the entire van clean with just the stream of water directly from the hose. Start from the top-down and rinse the entire van. The water will “Sheet” off the surface leaving far fewer spots than you had when you just blasted the surface with the sprayer.
    7) After you’ve rinsed the van off, use the Water Magnet towels to dry the van. You’ll have little running streams of water coming from the window jams… just try to get as much of it as possible.
    8) After it’s mostly dry, grab your bottle of quick detailer and some microfiber cloths and get to work. Spray the detailer onto the surface, then wipe it clean with the microfiber cloths. Do the wheels too.

    Keeping a good coat of wax on the van is important as well… which helps with the sheeting action of the rinse step, and keeps the van looking good.

    If anyone else has any questions, please feel free to ask.


    07 Quest SL
    Majestic Blue



    Thanks, I will try webshot. V1



    You could just use the Mr. Clean Car Wash System. It absolutely will not leave spots – even on a black car in direct sun.

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