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    i have a 96 mercury villager/quest. sitting sometime overnight or a few days the battery goes dead. my mechanic says the draw is like o1 and would not make it go dead so fast. If i disconnect the battery at night it has never gone dead? anyone have a clue what to look for next? thanks



    I have a 99 villager and noticed that the interior lights will randomly turn on and off when the engine is turned off, which eventually causes the battery to go dead after a day or so. I removed the door sensors from the 4 doors (not the hatch, since I don’t know how) and it still happens. Let me know if you find out the answer!



    You may want to go through and check a few things. For fun a good battery terminal cleaning is a decent start. While the battery is out drag it down to the local parts place that can do a battery load test. This may be a good time to steal the wife’s car, or call in that favor for helping your buddy with the cover up. It is not sufficient to just test the battery voltage. With that said the battery should show a little less than 13V when hooked up to a voltmeter. Now that you know your battery is a-ok. Connect one battery terminal. This is where the ammeter comes in. This should be on pretty much any multimeter (Radio Shack, hardware store, big box store). Now many people mess up this next part. Connect the meter “in series” with the battery, so that the meter is the link between the battery terminal and the battery cable. Test the amount of draw with everything off. If the value is higher than a hundred (guessed value) or so milliamps you may have a shorted wire. Only a few things should be drawing current, the radio needs a little to keep memory and to run the clock. If you have any aftermarket stuff hooked up they might be using power too. This is where fun starts. Leave the meter hooked up and placed so you can see it in the car. Access the fuse block start pulling fuses. More specifically pull a fuse check for amp change on meter then replace. The fuses that you might start with are: audio 10A, other audio 10A (one is for power that is switched and the other is for memory), cigar lighter 20A, room lamp 15A. Those are the prime suspects. If found you will need to troubleshoot that subsystem. If going through all that doesn’t net you any results. Your problem may lie with the alternator or starter solenoid. I’ve never heard these causing problems of this kind but they do have cables attached to them from the battery. Check the cables and their connections for damage.



    Put the Door Jamb switches back in and pull the fuse to the dome lights.

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