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    Just had tires rotated, and they told my husband 2 need to be replaced. Tread has worn down on both, but one also has interior damage that’s causing the van to vibrate. When we bought the Quest used about 1 1/2 years ago from a Nissan dealership, they had replaced 2 of the tires (OEM Toyo). So, the other 2 are still good.

    I’d rather not buy 2 more Toyo, but I know they say it’s best to not mix tires. (Can’t afford 4 new tires right now.) I don’t know the cause of the interior failure of the 1 tire. But it makes me want to buy something other than Toyo.

    I’ve heard that light truck tires are probably best for the loads of a heavy minivan. But I also don’t care for the ride feel of a truck.

    So, really not sure which direction to go on this.

    Also we live in Florida and never take the van north into any snow/ice conditions.

    Thanks so much for any help you can give!! I need to buy something quickly.

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