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    I have a 2005 Quest with 41,000 miles on it. The digital mileage and gas guage intermittenly will not fully display. For example, the bottom half of the numbers on the mileage will be cut off. On the gas guage, it will be missing bars when the tank is full. At times it works fine, other times this will happen for about 30 minutes then start to clear up.

    Today I filled the tank and the entire gas gauge was blank.

    Any ideas? This is out of warranty but because of the low miles I would consider a fix if cost effective.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.



    Same Issue here, there is a diagnostic procesure in the manual, I tried it but it does not work either as the mileage and the gas gauge are messed up. The new cluster runs about ~300, but there should be a way to fix it, maybe a blown capacitor or a faulty LCD. I will find out more if I can. Also look into licensed shops who rebuild the gauges. About ~200 with a 1 year warranty.




    Thanks for your reply….I’m going to look in to the diagnostic but suspect I’ll have the same outcome you did. I will research more as well and let you know what I find.

    Thanks again



    I have the same thing, but i’ve noticed it seems to happen mostly when the humidity is higher and then goes away when things dry up.



    i have the same issue.. i have noticed that when i turn on the AC the problem happens right away.. other times it is random.. nissan told me that they need to change the cluster which about 350 including labor… i did notice it happening right after i changed the battery one time..



    I had a Similar problem with my o4 Se. I removed the dash and sent it to for 185.00 plus shipping they car repair it. Mine needed a second trip. Cheaper than a dealer replacement.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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