Distributor and #1 spark plug question.

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    Hey guys new to the forum here and I am replacing some parts on my 99 3.3L. Right now I am replacing the dist. due to a bad coil. In the Hanes repair manual, which is also for Merc Villager, it shows that on the distributor the #1 plug wire is on the top right corner when facing the engine. On my quest it is on the opposite side. Is this correct???



    from all the diagrams i’m finding on that engine, the #1 plug on the distributor is around 2-3 o clock position and rotates counter clockwise 1-2-3-4-5-6

    ———->edited and confirmed that this was for the 1st generation(1993-1998) 3.0L engines

    and the cylinders are

    1-3-5 closest to the firewall
    2-4-6 closest to the radiator


    I’ll make sure to update this when i go out an physically look under the hood of my 2002 quest

    edit, you are correct! i have no idea why the online links are wrong!

    #1 is clocked near the power transistor harness plug of the distributor, around 8-9 o clock!

    the only thing correct with the online sites were the cylinder orientation

    i’m going to yahoo groups for villagers/quest & to nicoclub.com for more reaserch as to why this is wrong!

    i’m now going to make a diagram and pix on nicoclub.com because this and the yahoogroups doesn’t really support pictures within the threads

    the 2 links of the following generations are included & you can see that they made a boo-boo when addressing the 2nd gen 3.3L engine firing order (it’s the same exact order & the distributor orientation of #1 plug should have been turned around 180 degrees

    the 1st generation 93-98:


    and the incorrectly labeled 2nd generation 99-02:





    Yeah I looked around and found some pics that showed it correctly. Had to change knock sensor, valve covers, and replace distributor because she was cutting out really bad once at operating temp. Was somewhat difficult but now back together have no leaks, no misfires, no stutters, purrs like a kitten.

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