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    After an oil change at the dealership, I was told that I need new lower control arms becasue the bushings are shot. I am a pretty handy guy and am thinking about buying aftremarket ones on eBay and replacing them myself to save about $750. Has anyone done this? Is it pretty straightforward? Thanks for your help.



    yes you can, very easy only 4 bolt or 5. You can buy both control arms on ebay for $298, but if you can replace the ball joint $ 43 for both ball joint much cheeper and very good quality. I did it, it is not hard compare to 700+replacement cost



    Remember this is an OEM part only. So if you purchase it online, it’s an exact replacement. I bought mine from PartsGeek for $225-235 a piece. The local dealership wanted close to $450 each. The part was from a Nissan dealership in the midwest. I had my mechanic install it. I think it took him about an hour so I think it is a straightforward repair.

    Good luck.



    Bringing this thread back from the dead….

    Has anyone tried to replace the rear bushings? Look to be about 3″ in diamter and pressed inside a casting. I think its part number 570-1138 or 570-1132 at Rock Auto website (raybestos part numbers). I’m hoping this is for the rear, not the front of the contol arm.

    So I was think of getting this…pulling the old bushig/casting off the control arm. Pressing in this bushing and installing back on the control arm.

    Sounds simple enought but I’m thinking putting it back on the control arm could be a challenge, not sure if its a pressure fit or how they engage. I don’t want to get halfway into this and find out I need to buy the whole assembly and have the van out of action for a while.

    Anybody been down this road?




    From everything I have read, the rear bushings on the 2004-2009 Quests can be changed. is a good place to order the part.



    Just remember to take your van to have alignment done after any control arm, strut or ball joint replacement.

    If you won’t, the tires will get chewed up pretty quickly.

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