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    Do you guys know Nissan consult?All right ,I’d like to share how difficult and coincidence I find it .
    I own a car infinitiEX25 2010. It’s a good car ,right?I often drive it . In first two years .EX25 didn’t accur any problem.i just neet to take it to current maintenance.But this year,It accur some little trouble frequently.just like car too heat ,weird noise,belch black fumes.I take EX25 to the garage and there’s not big deal.Sometimes the engine or transmission too heat.But it really cost me lots of money and make me suck. I want to do some troubleshooting by myself ,we can know some clue from car appearance.but it also will make us do the incorrent judgement.I think maybe a auto diagnostic tool can help me a lot .So I go to the forum to ask for opinions and seek from internet .The result is not very satisfactory,I want to a fairly price and can do all the Nissan car troubleshooting. Except my EX25, my family also have Teana and GTR.It’s so difficult to find a fit tool.
    I just sorta gave up for a while, Then yesterday I went to visit my friend Mark.he was in his Murano with computer. he was diagnosticing his car with

      nissan consult 4

    ? He told me this Nissan consult diagnostic tool support all Nissan and infiniti from 1996 including GTR. When I saw mark finishing his diagnostic ,I was excited .The thing you want always come when you don’t pay attention to . I’m sure this stuff is what I look for . Mark told me the Nissan consult bough from a online shop .All right , I will buy one for myself and needn’t waste time to the garage.



    Not to jump into conclusions, but your post reads like an advertisement. I’m not sure from the pictures this is a genuine Nissan product. PC-based consult is a great idea, but for around $500 one can get an EPROM fit to the ECU and software to program it! However, for most OBDII diagnostics we can just go to any chain auto parts store (if you live in the US, that is) and borrow their scanner for free.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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