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    Newbie with a ’95

    I have a ’95 Quest with a rather strange problem. The electric window on the driver’s side will not go down on hot days (90 deg +), or after sitting in direct sunlight for awhile. If the window is already down, there is no problem with it going up, but I have to wait until the temp drops or the AC has been running for about an hour before it will go back down. I’m not sure why the motor works in one direction, but not the other. Maybe if I put insulation inside the door to keep the temp. down???
    Anyone else have this problem, or a possible soution?
    Thanks in advance….LOVE THE BOARD!!



    When it won’t go down, does the motor itself run (or try to run)? If not, then I would look for something electrical. If it does run (or try), then I would look for something mechanical, like maybe the track.

    I don’t know the ’95 quest at all, but very likely the easiest thing to try is to remove the switch and try to substitute a different switch, or even just short the appropriate pins with some wire. You should do this first when the vehicle is cool so you can verify that you can make the window actually go down with your substitute switch/wire. Then, when the door is hot, try it again. This will tell you whether it’s a switch problem or not.

    If it’s not the switch, then I’d check for continuity in the circuit. A wiring diagram will help immensely with this, but, you could maybe check resistance in the “up” circuit with key off. Check it cold (i.e., when it works), then check again hot and compare.

    If neither of those two things yield any fruit, then you’re likely looking at pulling the inner door panel off and twiddling stuff in there. A manual–even a Haynes–will help, though for DIYs probably the best is to get a subscription from AllData ( I’ve had this for other cars (never a Nissan) and the info they have is, in many cases, the same as what comes in factory manuals. They often have diagnostic procedures in there, too.

    Good luck,



    Thanks for the reply cj. At times the motor will start to work (the windows will barely move), then stop. I will try a sub switch first (easiest)… If that does not work, I may try pulling the panel and running direct current to the window motor (hardest).
    Thanks again for the suggestions, I will try ’em out.


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