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    2004 SE…w/ 107,000 miles

    Just spent TWO DAYS replacing the spark plugs!!! Van was idling rough, plugs are due to be changed at 105k, so it was time. I had to remove the entire cowl assembly to get to one bolt…

    the EGR tube is held on the valve at the intake with two nuts, a small washer and a thick iron ‘donut’ looking washer. At the other end of the tube, it is held on with 2 bolts…

    Does anyone know the thread/pitch of the nuts/bolts??!!

    One of each went into the black hole behind the engine -I cannot find them. Nissan dealer can get them ordered but takes 2 days…and he said he had no idea what the thread/pitch isI’d rather run down to the hardware store now…



    so if anyone else finds this- it is an M8 x 1.25

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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