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    My 2005 Quest makes high pitch whistling/whining noise at idle or right after throttle

    It was very noticeable at 9-10 seconds

    any idea?



    Turbo Charged, That is so cool!



    haha… i wish my van has turbo…lol…
    It makes some strange noise, and hope someone could help me to solve this problem!



    Have you check for any exhaust leak? Sounds like some of the exhaust gas got leak out from some opening and make that high pitch noise. With the high pitch noise, I bet it might have something to do with a high speed air flow going through a small opening…..

    Hope this help.




    My wife has an 06 SL that made and makes that same noise. Took it to the dealership and they replaced idler pulley. Sounds was gone. 20,000 miles later, it is back. You can try a little WD40 on the pulley to see if it stops, but that will not fix it. You will have to replace it or live with the whine.



    I had similar problem. The noise came around 60k. You can hear it while driving, or if you just press the gas pedal. Turned out it was timing chain. The dealer replaced it and the noise was gone.



    mine is similar…..At about 1500 rpms there is a very high pitched squealing noise…..Took it to a shop and they said it was the belts…had those replaced and drove off with the same noise….not very pleased with my 2007 Quest…so far had to have a new battery, 4 new tires and now the squealing…only 33500 miles and so many troubles



    My 2008 SE has the same sound at very low rpm…usually when taking off from a stop. As soon as I get past 15-20 mph I don’t hear it. Mine did this as soon as I pulled off the show room floor but it was very minor at the time and I thought it was lack of grease on a bearing. Now the noise is getting louder after 10.5 months and I only have 4,500 miles on it. We don’t drive it much. Please share your finding with us. Thanks. joey



    Hi All,

    Just pulled my 2000 Nissan Quest out of the shop after replacing Cam Sensor and Knock Sensor. Less than 20 miles later, there is a very high pitched squeal when I mash the acclerator. The more I accelerate, the more the sound becomes like a very shrill whistle. The sound is coming from under the hood on the driver’s side. Does anyone have any ideas?


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