engine noise at 2000rmp

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    my 06 sounds extremely loud when it’s right around 2000rpms, and it seems to be getting worse. The dealer says there is nothing wrong with it.



    What kind of noise? The dealer I use, removed some heatshields becaused they buzzed around 2,000rpms.



    I have the same thing and both the Nissan dealer and a local repair shop told me its the “rev limiter”. I was told that its about $350 to replace but is not worth it because it’ll just go bad again. They claim it won’t hurt anything to have it be noisy. I’ve had it that way for over a year and so far so good.



    Huh? The original post was about noise at 2000rpm. Nissan (or for that matter, any manufacturer) does not and will not put a rev limiter at 2000rpm.



    is the noise coming from the engine compartment? Does it only happen when moving? Does the noise get worse with higher rpms? How is the gas mileage? Is it rattling or buzzing?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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