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    I have a factory installed DVD in my 2005 Quest. The ‘burned’ DVD’s that I create with Roxio DVD duplicator work perfectly in my home DVD player but will not play in the Quest DVD player.

    Does anyone have suggestions? I’ve tried different types of DVD +R’s with not success.



    Hehe, I had the same shocking experience when first trying to fire up a newly-made DVD+R. Copy the disc over to a DVD-R instead. Even though the manual doesn’t state it, it will play a DVD-R just fine… which is kind of a bummer because my Plextor drive runs 2x as slow when burning a “minus” disc as opposed to the “plus”.

    07 Quest SL
    Majestic Blue



    I have the same problem, and it does not matter whether its a +r or a -r, the Nissan dvd players just plain suck. I also have an infinity QX56 with the same dvd player, same problem. you’d think that spending $55k on a vehicle would get you a better dvd player–the $49 dvd player from walmart works far, far better than what nissan puts in their vehicles!



    I have an ’06 SE with a Factory DVD setup. What I’ve learned is not to strip the region coding off of a DVD when making a backup for my van. As long as it’s set to region code 1 for the US I don’t have a single problem when duplicating. (I’ve only used +R, never tried -R’s, btw.) Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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