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    I purchased a new 07 SE several months ago and asked the sealer to install a trailer hitch for me. To my surprise, he installed an aftermarket Hidden Hitch instead of an actual factory hitch. This normally wouldn’t be a problem as my only need for the hitch was to install an electric wheel chair hoist. The installed “Hidden Hitch” model sits lower with the receiver location sitting below the bumper and valance causing my wheel chair ramp to bottom out on low spots in the pavement.

    My problem now is that the installed hitch sits about 2″ lower than the Nissan factory model. If I were using a standard ball receiver then, I could adjust the height by purchasing a ball receiver with a 1″, 2″ or 3″ drop and then invert it. However, the actual Nissan Hitch sits a few inches higher requiring the lower bumper valance be replaced to accommodate the receiver hitch. With the extra height that the factory hitch provides, my will chair hoist would not drag on bumps and dips.

    I have looked for several weeks through web sites and can’t find a source to purchase a Nissan OEM hitch. My local dealer is no help and just tells me that the hitch option was not available on the 07 models. I know OEM hitches are available and they sell them but you must purchase the hitch and the bumper valance at an approximate of about $500. I need some help in finding a source to acquire an OEM hitch and valance to fit a 07 Quest SE. Anyone’s help, input or comments would be greatly appreciated. Lost and forgotten dragging my ass in Arkansas.



    Anyone solve this yet?



    Sorry i dont have an answer but I ran into the same problem. Nissan makes you buy an upgraded van with the hitch and heavy duty turn signal as a package. I special ordered my van with the package and Nissan refused to buid it. Love the Quest Hate Nissan! What happened to the customer is right?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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