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    I know that many of you are suffering this same dilemma.

    After months of struggling to replace my prematurely bald PAX tires (worn on the sides at about 24K miles) I decided to scrap the plan and replace with after market wheels and tires.

    Here’s the longer story.

    I lease a 206 SE with NAV so by default it comes with PAX tires. At around 24K miles the tires were worn out near the sides. Centers still okay but needed replacement. I spoke to Nissan service center and they said new tires would be about $1200. I almost Sh1t my pants. They told me that since they did not have the PAX equipment they would send the entire wheel/tire combo to Michelin and get all new back. I decided to do some investigation.

    I went to dealer that leased me the van and he said he could not help. Tires are responsibility of the tire manufacturer not the dealer. I asked if I could replace the entire wheel and tire assembly with after market and the dealer general manager said it would likely be in violation of my lease. Lease calls for original equipment when returned.

    I called Michelin and they gave me the name of authorized PAX repair facilities in my area and asked me to go get the tires inspected and give them the results so they could pro-rate the tire and send me new ones.

    A Mr. Tire near me the inspection, called it in and Michelin said they would give me the tires at a 60% discount. The Mr Tire would charge me about $100 per tire for installation. The total cost with tires and mounting would be about $1260.00.

    I read some blogs on these piece of sh1t tires and everyone was complaining that the replacements on the old rims were never properly balanced and caused violent shaking at speeds over 50 mph. Despite the fact that I had told Mr Tire to order the new tires I decided I was not going to continue down this path.

    Sometime during this period (over about 4 months) I found a lawyer in California who was heading up a class action lawsuit against Michelin and Nissan for not informing customers of the actual costs of these tires. They had already filed suits against Michelin and Acura and Michelin and Honda. I found out about the suit the the lawyer asked me to represent them in my state which is now the state the suit will be filed anyway.

    While reading some updates on the lawsuit web site I noticed that Michelin has decided to get out of the PAX business. This was music to my ears. This was my way out of using those tires any longer.

    Just this past week my boss recommended a local tire shop that he trusts. I called and they recommended that I order tires and wheel from I did exactly that. New 17″ wheels, Kuhmo tires, tire pressure monitors and special valve sleeves (required for the TPMS). The total cost was $1100. They were shipped to the tire shop near me in 2 days.

    I had the old wheels removed and the new ones installed (they were assembled and balanced at tire rack) for a grand total of (I swear this is true) $12.00.

    I now have 4 wonderfully quiet running, smooth riding, long lasting tires on my quest. It rides quieter and better than ever.

    The down side is that I don’t have spare (I have roadside assistance with my insurance company) and my TPMS is not registering but I read that my dealer can reset the computer to detect the new sensors.

    I kept the old wheels and tires so I can give them back to Nissan when I turn the van in at the end of the lease if they give me any crap about not having original equipment.

    I now plan to join the class action lawsuit and make michelin and nissan pay for making really bad choices. I realize that I will probably get about $36.00 out of the settlement and the lawyers will make millions but I just want to see Michelin (a french company) get their asses dragged through court and pay because of the pain and suffering I went through over 4 months trying to resolve this issue.

    I hope this saves some of you time and helps.



    Exactly what size rim and tires did you get? Can you post a link to the rims? I only have 9k on my 2k7 PAX tires and they are wearing like crazy on the sides. No dealers in the DC area have the equipment to align them.



    Would appreciate update on your change. Everything still running well with new tires etc?
    I spend summers in Canada and had flat with PAX system. Ordered replacement tire from Michelin for delivery to Syracuse dealer (PAX not supported in Canada)took two weeks, a 375 mile drive, $300 and a wasted day to replace. There has to be a better way.
    I will switch out of this system as soon as I return to Florida next month. Michelin cites engineering of vehicle (2006 Quest)and warranty do not permit change. Surely good 17″ rims and tires will do the job just as well and safely.
    Has anyone in Florida made the change?
    Many thanks



    I just did the same. I ordered some 17″ 5 spoke Voxx rims from with some Michelin Hydroedge tires (225/60-17) with TPMS. Total cost of $1185 delivered. I will have them installed next week and report back. The local Honda dealer (which is the only authorized dealer in Northern VA wanted $350 a tire to replace. Nissan wanted $750 a piece for the tire/rim combo.



    Well, I finally took the plunge and I couldn’t be happier. I had the rims and tires installed yesterday for a whopping total cost of $14! The Quest handles a million times better. I am no longer hydroplaning and get fantastic wet/dry traction. The steering response is also significantly improved as is the overall quality of the ride. Since I decided to go with a 90,000 mile tire, road noise has remained unchanged. It may be slightly lower than the PAX. It’s nice to finally feel safe and confident in the Quest. I’m only on the 2nd tank of gas, but mileage has increased significantly over the PAX. I keep all of my gas receipts and keep a running log of my mileage. My average with the PAX has been 15-16 mpg consistently over the last year and a half. My first tank reached the 19 mpg barrier and the second will be close to the same. Nissan insisted that my car was in alignment, but I had the car aligned when I put the new rims/tires on and it was off quite a bit. The PAX tires are HEAVY! The PAX rims/tires will not stand up straight on their own. They are so unevenly heavy on the outer edges. The new rim/tire combo is evenly balanced.



    Update: Unfortunately the Voxx rims and the Michelin Hydroedge combo didn’t work out very well. I was never able to get the combo balanced properly. I also experienced severe feathering after 2-3k miles. After several failed attempts at two different shops I decided to take it to a shop that had the Hunter road force balancing. They determined that all four rims weren’t true and were also unable to balance the tires. Discount Tire Direct was fantastic. Even though 6 months had passed they refunded my money and applied it towards some Enkei FD-05’s with Yokohama YK520’s. I decided to go with the 18×7.5 inch rims. What an amazing difference this combo has. Road feel is phenomenal! Handling is much better as is the quiet ride. The tires came from DTD road force balanced and I have experienced no shaking at all. I’ve only had then on for a few hundred miles, but it’s a night and day difference. The shop said that the alignment is spot on so I hope the feathering doesn’t pop up again.



    Can you post a link to the rims? I only have 9k on my 2k7 PAX tires and they are wearing like crazy on the sides. No dealers in the DC area have the equipment to align them.



    My PAX tires wore out ~20K miles. My Nissan dealer quoted me $2200 for replacement ($450/tire + 500 labor)! They also told me there was no warranty on the tires (ignorant or lying?). Nissan USA was not helpful (not our problem, take it up with Michelin). Michelin offered me a 45% discount on the tires which came out to be ~$1000 at a local Sears. This was early January, but the tires were on back order until Feb (what if I actually had a flat?!?!)… and they’d need to keep my Quest for the entire day to do the change.

    As much as I liked my Quest, with this kind of customer support, Nissan is not going to get another dime from me. When the run flat tires on my Toyota wore out at 14K miles, they were replaced free of charge without much complaining on my end. Nissan just blamed it on Michelin.

    I traded my Quest on a Honda Pilot last week. Good-bye Nissan. I’m never buying another car from you.




    I have a 2007 Nissan Quest with Michelin run flat tires. I was lucky to get 36,000 miles on these tires, considering many other run flat tire owners were not so lucky. Nissan never disclosed the issue on these tires, nor have they told me I would have to spend $1,500.00- 2,000.00 every 1.5 years for tires. My tires have chunks of rubber coming off of them, and I was told not to drive my car by a reputable dealership for safety reasons. These tires are seriously defective!! I called 1800 Nissan1 to get some answers, but of course they pass the buck to Michelin. I did call Michelin and they gave me 5 numbers to call – all which lead me to either a fax number, or a non-existing number. I had to call back and kept them on the phone supplying me with more number to call until I was able to find a someone on my other line to service my Pax Tires. When I did get a hold of someone, I hung up with Michelin, but was told by the Pax Tire service that Michelin would not prorate a tire over 30,000 miles. Not to mention I would have had to drive my unsafe 2007 Nissan Quest 40 – 50 mins to get to this Pax tire service location. Only to order the Pax Tire and then come back to have them replaced. Not to mention the closest Nissan dealership does not replace these tires. They sell them but do not service them, does that make any since?

    At this point I was ready to just replace the Rim and Tires myself, but when I started calling around to four different Nissan dealers, I was told the stability/suspension of the car depended on these tires. That the way the car was built was solely around these tires for stability and safety, and I could roll the car if I put any other Rims and Tires on my Nissan. Not to mention if I were to do that, I would lose any warranty on the car if I replaced the rim and tires with something else other than Pax Tires.

    Now you can imagine my astonishment when I heard that. So, at this point I was stuck with a top of the line Vehicle with all the bells and whistles, but I cannot change these tires for any others to get out of this mess, and I would be stuck with paying $1500.00 – $2,000.00 for tires ever 1.5 year or less…ARE THEY OUT OF THERE FRICKEN MIND!!!!

    How can a manufacture build a car that is solely dependant on these one set of tires. I would have thought a car would be built on its own manufacturing credibility merit, and not on tires. For heaven sake what were they thinking? I don’t know how a company would be allowed to sell a car like this, and get away with it.
    As one person there is not much I can do against a giant. I would have thought the government would get involved to protect the American people from getting ripped off from a large auto manufacturing company like this.

    All I can do is GET RID OF this headache. I am going to get a TOYOTA. I WILL NEVER BUY NISSAN AGAIN! My son wants a Nissan Altima; I told him no he is going to have to look in the Toyota family because I will never buy Nissan again!!! My nephew is ready to buy a car, and I told him about my issues with Nissan, and I would help him with his purchase, as long as he stays away from all Nissan vehicles, and he is going to buy Toyota. I have told my co-workers of my issue and showed them all the issue everyone has had by everyone’s online posts. Two of my co-workers that were thinking about going to Nissan changed their minds and went with another dealership. I am only one person, but I know many people.

    Nissan Manufactures are not the only ones at fault, Michelin is equally at fault for selling poorly made tires, but for a car manufacture to sell a car based only around these PAX Tires…really all they were looking at is the marketing aspect to SELL, SELL, SELL, and not the consumer who were buying them. But of course Nissan denies any wrong doing, and they just pass the buck to Michelin when I called the 1800 Nissan1 number. Good Bye NISSAN – NEVER AGAIN will I walk into your doors, and if I can help it none of my family members, friends, church friends, and their friend and family will be deceived by a company that does not own up to its mistakes and will not take care of their customers. It is truly unreal!!

    Annabel Corley


    Samuel Craft

    I replaced the Michelin Pax System on my 2007 Nissan Quest SE with regular wheels and tires after one was replaced under warranty and Nissan paid for another on a pro rata basis. At the time, I had appx. 22,000 miles on the vehicle. A local Nissan dealer could not fix tires which had to be taken to a local Honda Dealer for servicing. Dealer who sold me the vehicle claimed to be giving me a deal when they charged me only $1,852 to change out the wheels and tires. They would not give me anything for the old wheels and tires. Seemingly, since they do not “stock” any of the PAX System Tires/Wheels for customers with such vehicles who may have similar problems, they would have taken mine to help out distressed customers. When I had my first flat and called them their response was that they did not repair or even handle repairs for such. However, they were willing to sell me regular tires and wheels.

    I still have an entire set of the Pax System tires and wheels and would like to sell them to anyone who intends to keep their Pax System on their vehicle. The threads on two of the tires are excellent and the other two are good. Also, if anyone has any information on any pending class action law suits against Nissan and/or Michelin, please give me the information because I would like to join the lawsuit. I live in Southwest Florida in the Fort Myers, Fl area.



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    Hi Virion,
    Do you need more info on who to contact in DC area to get rid of your pax wheels? I got it done 3 days ago. Please let me know




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