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    Just wanted to throw a few maintenance tips that worked for me that might be a possible help to someone searching for ideas to keep their Quest going strong. I have 178k miles and on top of the stresses of daily driving around town with two small children, I also pull cars with a car dolly using my Quest.

    -I use Mobil 1 Synthetic Transmission Fluid, noticed that the bottles no longer say Nissan Matic K on the back, but I still use it in my 5 Speed SE transmission and it still shifts smooth at 178k even with using it to pull cars the past several thousand miles. Also I drain and refill every 10-15k miles.

    -Installed the largest transmission cooler Auto Zone offers at around 150k, I also believe this has helped the transmission. Between this and the drain and refills at 10-15k with synthetic tranny fluid I believe the transmission will be good to go for a lonnng lonnng time. (would like to install a tranny fluid temp gauge in the future as overkill)

    -Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Changes every 7-8k miles. Started getting the dreaded timing chain rattle at 145k or so only at start up for 5 minutes or less. Seemed to go away after a fresh oil change then come back after the oil got some miles on it. Started flushing the oil with seafoam before changes and adding rislone to fresh oil and also checked oil level more often to make sure always at top of fill mark. Have not had the rattle for at least the past 15k miles or so. Not sure if this is due to the rislone helping at startups or the seafoam helping keep timing chain tensioner gunk free or if either makes any sense at all why I’m no longer getting rattle but that is my personal experience. So something to try for someone looking for answers or suggestions.

    -Took out my computer to inspect just as a maintenance precaution around 140k. Case was def starting to corrode, sanded it down, sprayed with spray can rustoleum. Would DEFINATELY reccomend doing this! Mine was still not eaten through but if I had let it go I believe it was heading that way. Very easy and very cheap peace of mind.

    -Passenger window did not go down, bought motor from Auto Zone and that took care of it. I would definately reccomend doing a window motor job as a DIY saturday afternoon project, it is not all that difficult. My electric door motors are also not working, will be attempting them soon also, guessing the motors just went bad in them too.

    Mainly wanted to throw out what has worked for me for keeping tranny shifting smooth and to get rid of chain rattle. Also a reminder to anyone who has not checked their computer for corrosion. Those three things are most expensive and can get someone down on their quest if they go bad. I will say I live in Indiana and have driven to Portland Oregon, Aspen Colorado, Utah, Hilton Head, etc etc etc on trips as well as just pulled a car to North Carolina last weekend and I believe the Quest is a great vehicle. Very sold on Nissan, owned a 2001 Xterra for 8 years before the Quest and it NEVER went to the shop, so far the Quest is the same story.



    Hi Matt,

    I agree 100% with your assessment that using quality oil in our vans is the KEY for looong trouble free performance on the engine and transmission. I used to use Quaker full Synthetic, then switched to Castrol full synthetic for the first 100K miles on my van. After that, I have use AMSOIL full synthetic and that switch was even better. I use AMSOIL for engine and AMSOIL transmission fluid. My van is now 191K+ miles in almost 14-yrs of service. The engine runs smooth and transmission shifts smoothly. I have been doing oil analysis in the last four oil changes and the wear is measure to 0.0014 ppm of iron per mile. The engine is wearing extremely good. Also, with AMSOIL, I replace oil every 15K miles or one year, whichever comes first.

    The generation of my ’99 van is well known for wheel bearing of the distributor going bad. I am still in the original distributor. The other day while replacing the o-ring gasket of the distributor, I checked the bearing and it does not show any signs of getting damaged any time soon. I attribute this to the engine oil.

    At around 160K I had to replace the oil pan gasket, I found NO sludge whatsoever in the pan. This is also due to only using synthetic oil since the van was new.

    Regular break fluid flushes every two to three years will give you trouble free ABS performance. Which is another problem for vans having break calipers locking-up for not flushing the break fluid. The same rule applies to the steering fluid. Needs to be flushed regularly to have a loooong life of steering pump and steering reack seals.

    I do 99% of the maintenance on my van and I have save thousands of dollars in maintenance. I really expect this van to give me another easy 100K miles with no problems. I have no leaks of any fluid and the engine looks like new. When I open the hood to other people, they always WOW and ask me when did I replace engine.



    The key to keeping the timing chain issues away is changing your oil regularly. Any quality oil will do. Certain years of this engine have a tendency to burn oil and if you let the oil changes go a bit longer, you have a “low oil” situation. this is what leads to the rattling and eventual failure of the chain tensioners. Although I think changing the transmission oil every 10-15k miles is a bit overkill. But if it gives you peace of mind, it’s worth it.

    I’m glad to read about owners who have achieved over 150k miles on their Quests. I’m at 126k miles on my 2004 S. I’ve had relatively good luck with my Quest. The brakes and rattling in the sliding doors are my big issue. We’ll probably replace it next year and it will not be with the new Quest.



    These are all very good suggestions. I got a 2004 SL with 147k on it and I also use full synthetic oil in the engine and I am also getting the chain noise. I will also try the sea foam and see if that helps. I just changed the rack and pinion and wheel hub and just seen a leak on my transmission. Not sure where it is coming from but I am hoping for he best. I hear those can be very expensive. Other than that i have no issues with the transmission. This is a very well built and exciting van to drive. I will have the do the computer rust check next summer. Anymore suggestions would be great



    Check your oil level. Some of the 2004-06 engines “burn” oil. You’re oil level could be low which leads to the rattling noise.



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