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    I recently ran my Quest into the rear end of a ford econoline van. Barely dented his bumper, but messed up the frame on my front end. The portion of the frame where hood latch attaches was bent back about an inch and a half, the hood was bent up, both headlights smashed, etc etc etc. I bought a front end assembly from a junkyard and it’s in decent shape, but it wasn’t until afterwards that I realized they just used a saw to cut the front end off of a junked van. Once I realized this, I looked closer at my own van and realized there is no way to just unbolt the piece that’s bent as it seems to be welded on.

    My question is this:

    1) Is there a way to replace that portion of the frame without a welding torch? Am I just not looking close enough to see where that ‘cross bar’ detaches?

    2) If I can’t remove it, is there a way to bend it back out? I tried using a rubber mallet, but it just laughed at me…

    3) How much would something like this cost to have repaired at a body shop…rough estimate…

    4) Should I just try to sell the whole thing as a parts van and try to recover some of the cost from purchasing the replacement front end?

    Thanks for any input…

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