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    Help I have an 07Quest with 41k. the other day I left work and the whole dash started to vibrate I lowered the radio to find the heater blower running full blast and the control knob on the console to be in the off position. I shut the van down while rolling in neutral and restarted it. same thing so instead of heading home I drove straiigt to the dealer, they tell me not under warranty and that the blower motor shorted out the resistor for the speed control. they don’t have either part and I pay the 100 bucks. does anyone know where the resistor is and why it could burn up suddenly? also if the motor is running full speed why wont it turn off with the switch that is still controlling the backseat and the air flow locations? do they even print a chilton manual for these vans?



    Hi… did you get resolution for this?

    I haven’t looked for a manual yet since our 07 is under extended warranty we got when we bought at carmax.

    I just posted on a more recent post by bluegrassman regarding this. He had a similar problem and I’ve had similar to him and exactly what you describe, but the one time i had them check on it (I didn’t take it right in), everything was working and they couldn’t tell me anything.

    I am hoping that you have found a solution…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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