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    We have a 2006 Quest – 200,000 kms (125,000 miles). Never had any
    problems – until now. It needs a left front bearing. I am just
    wondering if anyone knows if $200 labor is reasonable or not for
    replacing it.



    Is 200 dollars high? It depends. If the replacement is OEM or timken then it may be worth it. Any other brand is questionable. More importantly, confirm that the noise it’s making is typical of a wheel bearing going out. But if it’s a 2006 with 125k miles it seems premature for OEM bearing. Could be just the axle nut is loose and the bearing races got separated just a tad.



    Just buy the Timken hub on Amazon and replace it yourself. It is not too difficult.

    125K miles does not sound premature. My rear bearings had to be done 10k miles back and I am at about 100K miles now, the fronts just started buzzing louder than tire noise about 5k ago.



    Just make sure you take care to remove the abs sensor first before trying to pull the hub. It’s a pricey piece to have break on you.
    But I agree with Canada-Q2005, it’s not a tough job to do yourself. Personally I’ve shopped at to buy most of my parts, just have to watch the shipping, otherwise, Amazon is always good.



    When recently my mechanic was working on the front hubs, he could not remove either ABS sensor so rusted the knuckles were. He had to break them, remove, then cleaned the holes, drilled and re-threaded and inserted the sensors back in so that no wires left dangling while I am waiting for the replacement sensors.

    So you might face the same situation if you are in the salt-on-the-roads area like I am.



    Replacement of one Hub Assembly should cost around $100 – $125 in Wash DC area by a private mechanic. do not take to a dealer or a shop as it is relatively easy to do. ABS sensors should be carefully removed and reinstalled. I would look for a mechanic on Craigslist or some place for a simple mechanical job like this.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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