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    I have a 95 quest i’ve been trying to get back on the road for a while now. i finally got the engine to turn over yesterday and discovered a 2″ fuel hose with a hole in it, spraying gasoline all over the engine. the hose in question is sitting under what the haynes manual calls the throttle body. getting it off the van was easy, considering it had started to split down the middle, but getting it back on is proving difficult. i’ve removed the throttle body, and the giant black hose (air intake?) connected to it off and i still can’t get to it.

    is there an easier way to get to this hose? it’s about 2″ long, but the gap between the fuel lines it’s connecting is only about half an inch and the hose doesn’t want to bend that much. i’d rather not take off the intake manifold, if i can avoid it, just to put a tiny little hose back on…

    any ideas?

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