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    I would like to replace all of the 6 fuel injectors for my Mercury villager 2002. The # 2, 4, 6 are on the front of engine and is easy to do replacement. The # 1,3,5 are under Upper intake manifold. Would you help to give me more instruments about how to remove Upper intake manifold? Where i could find out the detail books for 2002 Nassian quest or villager.



    You have to remove the intake manifold to replace the injectors.

    The main activities are these:

    1. Remove air filter and housing
    2. Remove all cables around the intake plenum
    3. Remove throttle body and cables
    4. Remove plenum
    5. Remove intake manifold
    6. Remove injectors from intake manifold
    7. This is good time to remove gunk and carbon from intake manifold
    7a. This is also a good time to replace the valve cover gaskets
    7b. This is also a good time to replace PCV valve
    7c. This is also a good time to replace gasket of EGR valve
    7d. This is also a good time to replace all vacuum hoses to EGR, plenum, etc
    7e. This is also a good time to remove carbon residues from throttle body and plenum
    8. Install new injectors with new rubber gaskets into intake manifold
    9. Install instake manifold with new gaskets
    10. Install intake plenum with new gaskets
    11. Install throttle body with new gasket
    12. Install air filter with new filter

    I replaced the intake manifold gaskets a year ago and took me two days to complete the job. Of course, I took extra time to clean each part before re-assembling.

    Just a comment: my van has 193K+ miles and I have never replace an injector.




    I got it, thank you!


    2000 Villager

    I have a 2000 Villager- rough idle, throwing misfire code on cylinder 3- had diagnosed, injector #3 not firing at all. I replaced #4 injector last summer- with this latest failed injector, do I replace all 3 injectors on the back bank while #3 is being replaced? I understand this is not common for injectors to fail. Just trying to figure out if replacing all 3 would be necessary or if I can save some extra cost. Will also perform fuel system/injector treatment and replace fuel filter.
    Thanks- Paul

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