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    I haven’t had the TSB done yet, but have been monitoring the “Vehicle shut off on highway” thread for a while. Has anyone who has had the fuel pump TSB done noticed any difference?

    I suppose the following could happen:
    1) They reduce the range and tank level indicator so that 1/4 full pre-TSB = empty post-TSB. That’s a very undesirable “fix” of course; much like amputation.
    2) They really did correct a bug in fuel pump firmware that allows the car now to use the full tank capacity without shutting off if on incline.



    For 2012, the Nissan Titan full-size pickup gets only a few changes from the 2011 model. Some may find the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s latest Nissan recall condescending to American motorists. The Japanese car maker is calling back less than 1,000 2012 Titan pickups for an error on a seating-capacity label. The label mistakenly says the Titan will hold six, but there’s only seating for five.



    I didn’t have any issues prior to the recall. Did not experience any stalling whether while driving or after being parked.

    After the firmware update there was no noticeable difference. The only thing of note is the throttle is a bit more sensitive at minimum (right when you start to depress the pedal).

    Maybe I’m just lucky, but that has been my experience.



    Had my 2011 LE for only a few weeks when I had “the” issue. Parked on an incline, stalled, etc etc. Had the update done, and have yet to stall out, but also have not been on an incline with less than 1/2 a tank of gas. HOWEVER, I have been on a couple of long distance (all highway) type trips. Used the cruise control most of the way, no major hills, not “weighed down” to any extent and have been getting all of 18 mpg. This seems WAY too low for highway driving. Wonder if the “fix” may have messed up something else in the software. Unfortunately, didn’t take any long trips before fix was done (since van was new when we came across the issue), so have no comparison data. People at dealership say I need to wait unit engine brakes in at about 20,000 miles. Only have about 7000 now. Somehow I still think something isn’t right. I know that may not help, but it is something to look out for.

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