Goodbye Quest… Don't let the door hit you on the way to Mexico!

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    Well, after my last visit to the Nissan dealer, we decided enough was enough. Needing a new transmission valve body, yet another motor mount and an AC Compressor we just decided to ditch it and get a 2013 Sienna SE. On the Quest I loved the interior and all the great features… But the reliability and engineering was junk on the 2007 and we really hate the people at the local dealer, Corona Nissan. Only 100k miles and its ready for a one-way trip to south of the border. The paint was completely failing on many panels and was starting to look, sound and drive really bad. I had a $400 spark plug change coming up too… Feels good to finally have reliable transportation for the family.

    Things that really sucked about the quest:

    Constantly warping brake rotors
    Suspension a-arms in the front where the bushings fail, needing to replace the whole arm
    AC system only lasts 50k miles between repairs
    Water leaking into the trunk area
    Motor mounts made of goo-filled rubber balloons
    Worst paint. Failed in many places.
    Squeaky sliding doors that never fit quite right
    The motor in the rear hatch had to be replaced
    The exhaust gusset needed to be replaced
    Transmission shot at 100k miles
    Most expensive dealer service ever… Who would constantly try to upsell 1000’s of dollars of repairs every time the van would roll through there

    If you’re thinking about buying a used one… Don’t.



    I hear what you are saying and sympathize with you on your extensive expenses on maintaining your 2007 van.

    I own a 1999 Quest and I love the fact that my expenses have been very minimum. Actually, I can count 4 times my van have been at the dealer for $300.00 to $500.00 repairs, never more than that. Today, my van is 192K+. I feel lucky I never upgraded my van to any 2004-2009 model.



    I have a 2005 Quest and after this nightmare experience I will never get a Nissan again. I bought it used in 2007 and got the $1200 extended warranty…most people say it’s not worth it. I literally got 10 times the return on the warranty expense. So much has broken on this car that I would sit here typing for an hour to list it all. I’m here poking around now because the drivers door window won’t go up. It’s the motor or the switch but in any case it is yet another thing gone wrong on this piece of crap. Can’t wait to come up with some money to get rid of it.



    Normally the windows fail because of motor failure. In rare occasions it is due to a broken switch. However, if it is the switch, you can tell right away because the switch will feel different than usual.

    Remove the door panel, then remove the glass and control mechanism. Remove the motor, go to Autozone or Oreillys and get a remanufactured motor. That’s your best and low cost option. You give up your old motor.

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